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tbi-s-temperatur.png: Bi-metal Thermometer TBI-S

Bi-metal Thermometer TBI-S

Measuring range: -30 ... +50 ... 0 ... +250°C
Connection: back or bottom, smooth, stainless steel, copper alloy, St 35
Housing material: stainless steel.
Housing: Ø 63, 80, 100 mm
Accuracy class: 1.0


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The bimetallic thermometers are used on site for direct temperature measurement. A wide range of standard versions allows a variety of applications. Furthermore special versions are manufactured to customer specification.

Special areas of application heavy industrial plants, piping and vessels, machines etc. The devices are installed into a thermowell with adjusting screw. Simply screw in the thermowell, plug in the thermometer and clamp with the adjusting screw.

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