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afk-e-analyse.png: Humidity / Temperature Measuring InstrumentAFK-E

Humidity / Temperature Measuring InstrumentAFK-E

For Industrial applications,
capacitive method of measurement

Operating range temperature: -40 ... +180°C
Humidity: 0 ... 100 % rH
pmax: 15 bar
Temperature range:
-40 ... 60°C (housing), -40 ... +180°C (sensor)
Accuracy: ±1.6 % of reding % rH
Humidity: ±2 % rH (0 ... 90 % rH)
Output: 0 ... 5 V, 0 ... 10 V, 4 ... 20 mA
Dew-point temperature, freezing point temperature,
absolute humidity, specific enthalpy, water-vapour partial pressure, mixing ratio


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The measuring instruments AFK-E have been designed for the accurate measurement of humidity and temperature in industrial applications. They allow measurements in the range 0 ... 100% rH and between -40 °C ... +180 °C. A capacitive humidity sensor element with excellent longterm stability, minimum hysteresis and high chemical resistance forms the basis for this highly accurate transmitter series. The values for humidity and temperature are displayed on two analogue outputs.

A scalable and selectable current signal in the range 4 - 20 mA or any voltage signal between 0 and 10 V are available for selection. This flexibility is achieved with cutting-edge microprocessor technology, whereby the scaling and selection of the output signal is carried out with a user-friendly graphic interface running under MS Windows. The factory setting can thus be changed easily on site by the user.


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