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dzr-zed-durchfluss.png: Gear Wheel Flowmeter - Counter DZR with ZED

Gear Wheel Flowmeter - Counter DZR with ZED

For viscous liquids

Measuring range: 0.008 - 2 ... 3 - 700 l/min liquid
Connection: G ...G 1 female thread
Material: cast iron, stainless steel
pmax: 400 bar
tmax: 150°C
Accuracy: ±0.3 % ... ±1 % of reading
Viscosity range: max. 1 000 000 mm²/s
Options/features: analogue output, counter, contacts, digital indicator


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II 2G Ex ia IIC T4
II 2D Ex iaD 21 T125°C
I M 2 Ex ia I

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The KOBOLD Gear Wheel Flow Meter series DZR have been designed for a flow measurement for viscous fluids. The measuring unit consists of a pair of gear wheels which is moved by the  flow according to the principle of gear wheel motor. The bearings are – according to the material combination – either ball bearings or gliding bearings.

The movement of the gears is sampled  without contact by means of two sensors located in the cover. Between sensor compartment and measuring chamber is located a pressure- resistant, non-magnetic separator plate. The  different versions vary through housing materials, bearing assembly, through the medium being used and the accuracy. The mounting position and flow direction is arbitrary.

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