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omg-durchfluss.png: Screw Spindle-Meter OMG, OMK, OMH

Screw Spindle-Meter OMG, OMK, OMH

Measuring range:
0.1 - 10 l/min ... 50 - 5000 l/min liquid
1 - 1000000 mm²/s viskosity
Accuracy: ±0.1 % of span (1:100), ±0.3 % of span (1:150)
Connection: G ½ ...6 female thread, flange DN15 ... 100
Working conditions
pmax: 400 bar
tmax: 200°C
Output: 1x pulse
Electrical connection: right-angle plug, PTFE-cable,
cable box / 1 m PTFE-cable, PVC-cable
Power supply: 10 ... 30 VDC / 5 ... 25 VDC
Material: ductil iron, stainless steel
Pulsation-free principle of measurement, almost insensitive to viscosity, minimum space requirements,
self-cleaning measuring chambers, choice of installation


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The KOBOLD screw-type volumetric flowmeter based on the principle of positive displacement was developed in response to the need to measure and control viscous media.
It was specially designed to measure viscous media with non-abrasive properties. Variations in viscosity in the range 1 to 5000 mm2/s have no effect on measurement results within the measuring accuracy.
The KOBOLD screw-type volumetric flowmeter satisfies the stringent demands for greater accuracy, reliability and economic efficiency. Two spindles with cycloidal profiles form the basis of the screw-type volumetric flowmeter.
Spindles manufactured with extreme precision are supported at each end with a ball bearing.
The axially forced measuring medium causes the spindles to rotate uniformly.
The rotary motion is picked off with sensors and converted to a frequency signal. An exact measurement of the delivered flow volume is obtained with the volumetrically defined measuring chambers.
Combined with downstream evaluation electronics, the KOBOLD screw-type volumetric flowmeter becomes a flexible measurement and control system for viscous media.

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