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ngr-fuellstand.png: Guided Radar Level Transmitter NGR

Guided Radar Level Transmitter NGR

For liquids

Measuring range:
rod/coax-probe up to 2 m
rope up to 4 m
Connection: G ¾, ¾" NPT male thread
Material connection: stainless steel, PTFE
Pressure range: -1 ... +10 bar
Temperature range: -20 ... +100°C
Accuracy: ±5 mm
Power supply: 12 - 30 VDC, 2-wire
4 - 20 mA, 0 - 10 V
Switching output 1x PNP, 3x PNP / NPN


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The NGR is a level sensor that uses TDR technology (time domain reflectometry) and thus can be used in oil- and waterbased liquids without calibration. The NGR’s guided radar uses time-offlight technology to measure electromagnetic pulses.

The time difference between the sent pulse and the reflected pulse is used to calculate the level, both as a continuous value (analogue output) and a freely positionable switching point (switching output). Due to its flexible probe that can be changed or cut, it is possible to integrate the sensor quickly into any application. The NGR can work in deposit-forming and foaming liquids. The sensor’s intuitive setup uses four buttons and a display to ensure quick and easy adaptation to the application.

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