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Measuring the turbidity of water or of other liquids is of crucial importance in many areas. Measurement of turbidity and redox potential of water and other liquids play an important role in the control and regulation of fermentation processes, in wastewater applications or in quality control. Through our turbidity probes and turbidity meters, the various particulate contents can be quickly and precisely determined.

For the measurement of turbidity, optical turbidity measuring devices are used, which use both the light in visible spectrum and the light in infrared spectrum. Thus, it is not only possible to make valid statements about the proportion of the particles in the liquid, but also to determine the size of the particles. It is optimal, if the various ingredients are combined with one another and this mixture and the mixing ratio are to be controlled by turbidity.

Furthermore, turbidity measurement is often used in the field of waste water technology and is used to control the industrial waste water from various production plants. In many cases, compliance with relevant environmental regulations can be documented comprehensively and sufficiently legally by means of turbidity measurement.

Turbidity meter in practical use

Turbidity in liquids is something, which occurs very often and can be found in various areas. Turbidity is caused by scattering and absorption effects. Important is the distribution of scattered light in relation to the particle size and the wavelength of incident light pulse. Our stray light measurement systems, such as the turbidity measurement system ATA-K, work according to the absorption principle and offer a very high degree of accuracy in turbidity measurement.

Thanks to simple installation of these systems and easy data output by means of a measuring transmitter, turbidity measurement can be installed and used in various processes and applications. Such turbidity measuring devices are used, for example, in the monitoring of oil in water, as filter aid, for quality control of products or for dosing of yeast cells in production. In addition to these turbidity measuring instruments, turbidity probes are also used in many industries, which allow turbidity measurements in process lines or containers.

A turbidity probe such as the Kobold turbidity probe ATL is convincing due to its great flexibility in use and accurate measurement results in a wide range of media. In this way, even the smallest particles in seemingly clear liquids can be identified and detected by turbidity measurement. In many production steps, the quality of end products can be sustainably improved by means of turbidity measurement. In addition, turbidity measurement offers further advantages during the process.

Production processes do not have to be interrupted for a review and evaluation of the quality, since the measurement can be carried out directly during operation and in the process lines. This again significantly increases the profitability and efficiency of various production processes.

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