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rfs-12x4-fuellstand.png: Level Switch RFS

Level Switch RFS

For liquids

Contact: 1 reed switch
Connection: G½, ½" NPT
Material: stainless steel 1.4305, 1.4404
pmax: 10 bar
tmax: 120°C
Liquid density: >0.8 g/cm3


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The KOBOLD level switches RFS are designed for monitoring filling levels of liquids cost-effectively. The liquid must not contain solids nor metallic particles. A pivoted stainless steel float with an inserted solenoid moves up and down together with the filling level of the liquid.
The solenoid switches a reed contact. Depending on the mounting position of the device, the contact works as N/O or N/C contact with rising filling level. The devices are delivered for direct lateral mounting in commercially available sleeves.

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