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tbi-s-temperatur.png: Bi-metal Thermometer TBI-S

Bi-metal Thermometer TBI-S

Measuring range: -30 ... +50 ... 0 ... +250°C
Connection: back or bottom, smooth, stainless steel, copper alloy, St 35
Housing material: stainless steel.
Housing: Ø 63, 80, 100 mm
Accuracy class: 1.0


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The bimetallic thermometers are used on site for direct temperature measurement. A wide range of standard versions allows a variety of applications. Furthermore special versions are manufactured to customer specification.
Special areas of application are for example heavy industrial plants, piping and vessels, machines etc. The devices are installed into a thermowell with adjusting screw. Simply screw in the thermowell, plug in the thermometer and clamp with the adjusting screw.

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