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n1-nts.png: Capacitive  Level Limit Switch NTS

Capacitive Level Limit Switch NTS

For powder, granulate

Contact: 1 open collector or relay
Connection: R1 (G 1½) male thread
Material: probe PPS
pmax: 25 bar
tmax: 120°C


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Operating Instructions

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NTS - Operating Instructions

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The KOBOLD NTS level limit switch for bulk goods operates on the capacitive measuring technique. The measuring pro be, tank or vessel wall form a capacitor. The capacitance de-pends on the medium between probe and wall. If air is present (tank empty), the capacitance is low. As soon as product touches the probe, the capacitance increases.

This change in capacitance is  detected electronically and converted to a switching signal when the capacitance rises above or drops below the limit. The instrument has a changeover feature for minimum/maximum  safety. The switch point is always accurately maintained by the "deposit compensation" even with deposit formation.

The effect of deposit compensation depends on the density of the coating on the probe, the conductance of the coating as well as the adjustable sensitivity. The NTS is adjusted at the factory; the sensitivity can be re-adjusted however. For non-conductive vessels the earth connection must be attached to nearby conductive and earthed objects.

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