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nmc-fuellstand.png: Capacitive Level Meter NMC

Capacitive Level Meter NMC

For liquids

Measuring length: max. 4 m
G 1 male thread, stainless steel or G 2 male thread, PVDF
Material: stainless steel with PTFE or PVDF coating
pmax: 30 bar
tmax: 90°C (125°C)
Power supply:
12 ... 35 VDC (ATEX 12 ... 30 VDC), analogue output 4 - 20 mA


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II 2/1 GD Ex ia IIC T4 Gb/Ga
II 2/1 GD ia IIIC T85°C Db/Da

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The KOBOLD capacitive level indicators type NMC serve to measure liquid levels in tanks. They consist of a measuring probe and a connecting head with a plug-in evaluation module. Depending on the operating conditions, different probes are available:

- single probe for standard applications

- double probe with PVDF connection for non metallic tanks and at the same time aggressive medias

- single probe with external reference tube for non metallic tanks or media with very low dielectric constant and

- single probe with a split connecting head for liquid temperatures of up to 125°C.

The devices do not have any mechanically moving parts and therefore hardly any mechanical wear. The plug-in evaluation module can de changed easily so that the devices are really easy to maintain.

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