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acs-z-analyse.png: Conductive Conductivity Measuring Cells ACS-Z

Conductive Conductivity Measuring Cells ACS-Z


Measuring rages:

0.05 ... 10 µS/cm (K = 0.01 1/cm)
1 ... 1000 µS/cm (K = 0.1 1/cm)
10 µS/cm ... 15 mS/cm (K = 1.0 1/cm)
Connection: thread G ¾ A
Electrode material:
stainless steel 1.4571 (K = 1.0 1/cm graphite)
pmax: 16 bar (at 25°C)
tmax: 135°C (at 1 bar)
Feature: Pt100 integrated


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The conductivity measuring cells are used with transducer model ACM-1. The cells comprise a screw-in body made of plastic (PVDF) and electrodes embedded in this body. A temperature sensor Pt100 for temperature detection and compensation is also integrated.
The electrodes are manufactured from Stainless Steel or special graphite and are delivered with different cell constants and thus various measuring ranges. The electrical connection of the cells is carried out with plug connections.

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