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twa-temperatur.png: Contact Resistance Thermometers TWA

Contact Resistance Thermometers TWA

Measuring range: -20 ... +260°C
Housing material: brass, stainless steel
Sensor: Pt100, 2-wire
Accuracy class: B
Cable: PTFE, silicone


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The contact resistance thermometers can be attached in a variety of ways. They allow temperature measurement on closed piping and other round or fl at surfaces. Simple installation with taut ribbons or hose clips means that no mechanical intervention is required at the measuring position.

Contact resistance thermometers with mounting bores are a minor exception. The indirect temperature measurement avoids flow-related errors.  Furthermore, pressure and chemical influences from the medium have no effect on the temperature detector. The influence on the target is minimum due to the negligible thermal mass of the sensor.

The use of thermolube is recommended to improve heat transfer. Large temperature differences between measured medium and the environment influence the measurement. The measuring position should be insulated in such cases.

Depending on the version, the connecting leads are suitable for dry or moist rooms. The junction between connecting lead and protective tube is strain relieved. Pt100 temperature sensors according to IEC 751, classe B in three-wire circuitry are used as standard.


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