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dag-z2-zubehoer.png: Counter / Preset Counter DAG-Z2

Counter / Preset Counter DAG-Z2

4-digit 2 line LED, red

Dimensions: 74 x 32 mm
Input: frequency 1 Hz ... 100 kHz (NPN, PNP, TTL)
Contacts: 1 change over relay and 1 N/O
Supply: 24 ... 230 VAC/DC ±15 %
Sensor supply, 24 VDC


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The compact small counter DAG-Z2F80W2 can be set in two different modes: Single or Double counter, all with independent setting. 3 universal digital inputs are available (NPN/PNP/TTL) can be used for bi-directional encoders reading, UP/DOWN counter function, LOCK/HOLD to lock or hold current visualization.

One input is also analogue in order to allow setpoint modification by an external potentiometer. Due to the two different modes and the scaling features, the counter is usable for a lot of different applications. In addition to an excellent cost effectiveness and high quality, the counter offers a rugged, compact housing and a brilliant display.

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