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npf-fuellstand.png: Diaphragm Level Indicator NPF

Diaphragm Level Indicator NPF

Measuring range: 0 - 600 ... 0 - 6000 mmWC
Connection: G ½ male thread
Material: stainless steel
pmax: 1.3x max. range
tmax: 80°C
Accuracy: ±1.6 % of full scale
Option: contacts


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Due to their design and the materials used, KOBOLD level meters of model NPF with diaphragm satisfy the tough service demands in the chemical and petrochemical industry. They are used for level measuring of low-viscosity, nonsticking media in open, unpressurized vessels.

The specifi c weight of the medium should be taken into account. The fi xed annular diaphragm is quite insensitive to vibrations. Diaphragm pressure gauges have a relatively high actuating force. Their stainless steel construction render the instruments resistant to aggressive environmental conditions.

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