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tgl-temperatur.png: V-Form Glass Thermometers for Machines TGL/TGK

V-Form Glass Thermometers for Machines TGL/TGK

Measuring range: -60 ... +40 ... 0 ... +200°C
Connection: G ½ or ½" NPT, brass
Housing material: aluminum
Housing length: 110, 150 or 200 mm
Accuracy class: 1.0


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Liquid-in-glass thermometers for machines are economical and rugged. The use of high-quality glass enables the thermometer to maintain a steady measuring accuracy and repeatability. The liquid-in-glass thermometers for machines comprise a rugged protective casing, an indicating capillary and the mounting fitting with rigid connection.
The protective casing is made of brass-coloured anodised aluminium or of reasonably-priced gold-coloured plastic for 150 mm lengths.
Scale numbering is black. The indicating capillary is backed in white with a wide easy-to-read indicating column filled with blue indicator fluid. The graduation is diffused into the glass and is thus resistant to aggressive service environments. The indicating accuracy is 1% of full scale value. The capillary is manufactured from PTB approved thermometer glass, N16B or 8409 Supremax glass. The mounting fittings are delivered according to DIN form B with G ½ or ½" NPT external thread.
The bulbs are made of solid brass up to a maximum immersion length of 63 mm. The bulbs are hard soldered for longer immersion lengths. Max. operating pressure is 15 bar. The standard liquid-in-glass thermometers for machines are available in instrument lengths 200, 150 and 110 mm in straight and in 90° angular form. Other models upon request.

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