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lci-lebensmittel.png: Inductive Conductivity / Concentration and Temperature Transmitter LCI

Inductive Conductivity / Concentration and Temperature Transmitter LCI

Measuring range: 0 - 500 µS/cm ... 0 - 2000 mS/cm
Connection: G 1¼ ... 2 male thread, screwed pipe connection DIN 11851, Tri-Clamp®, Varivent®
Material: PEEK. PVDF
Output: 1x analogue, 2x binary
pmax: 10 bar
tmax: 120°C (short term 140°C)
Accuracy: 1 %


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The device LCI is used for the measurement and control of the conductivity and respectively for concentrations of liquid media. The integrated temperature measurement makes exact and fast temperature compensation (linear and nonlinear) possible, which is particularly important for the measurement of the conductivity. Additional functions such as the combined switching of the measurement range and temperature coefficient make possible the optimum use in case of CIP-processes.
Two integrated switching outputs can be freely programmed for limit value monitoring or conductivity/concentration and/ or temperature. In addition, alarm and control tasks (desalination) can be assigned. Operation is either via a membrane keyboard and a plain text graphical display (user language can be changed) or via a comfortable PC-setup programme. By simply turning the housing cover, reading the display is possible both in case of installation in vertical or horizontal pipes.
By means of the setup program, the device configuration data can also be saved and printed for plant documentation purposes. The housing is specially produced out of stainless steel for use in the foodstuffs industry. The LCI can be supplied as a compact device (transmitter and measuring cell in one device) or as a remote version (transmitter and measuring cell connected by cables). The remote version is particularly suitable for plants with intense vibrations and/or intense temperature radiation at the measurement location or for installation in inaccessible places.

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