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ba-fuellstand.png: Level Meter based on Displacer Principle BA

Level Meter based on Displacer Principle BA

According to Archimedes principle · for liquids

Mechanic pointer indication
Measuring length:
max. 2 x 6 m (dependent of density)
Connection: DIN-flange
Material: stainless steel, Hastelloy®
pmax: 40 bar
Max. temperature: -40 ... +250°C (option 300°C)
Accuracy: ±5 mm of reading
Option: transmitter 4 - 20 mA, contacts, ATEX, Hart®,
Profibus® PA


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The KOBOLD level indicator model BA is suitable for level measurement of liquid products in open containers and inside containers under pressure. The device is based on Archimedes principle. The displacer rod, which is attached to a measuring spring using a chain, immerses into the liquid and is subject to a buoyant force proportional to the mass of the displaced liquid.

Every change in the weight of the rod corresponds to a change in the length of the spring and is therefore a measure of the liquid level. The longitudinal expansion of the spring, i.e. the travel of the rod, will be transmitted from the measuring space to the indicator unit by means of a magnetic coupling. The basic version of the indicator unit consists of a scale with a pointer for displaying the liquid level.

As an option, the indicator unit may be equipped with electrical transmitters for remote display or with limit switches. If the device cannot be installed from above, because, for example, a stirrer is mounted in the container, a special displacement vessel is available for lateral installation.

Since the buoyancy of the displacer rod depends on the density of the measured medium, it must have been designed for the specific liquid to be measured. The meter’s design makes it ideal for processes under difficult and rough operating conditions. The devices are available with additional electrical equipment for process monitoring and control.

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