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tme-umc-4-durchfluss.png: Mass Flowmeter Coriolis TME/UMC-4

Mass Flowmeter Coriolis TME/UMC-4

Measuring range: 0 - 600 kg/h ... 0 - 60000 kg/h
Connection: flange DN10 ... DN80, ANSI ½ - 3"
Material: stainless steel (1.4571 or 1.4404)
pmax: PN40
Temperature range: -40 ... +180°C
±0.15 % of reading ±zero point-stability liquids
±0.5 % of reading ±zero point-stability gases
±0.005 g/cm³ density
±0.002(1) g/cm³ with special calibration density
±0.2 % of reading volume
Transmitter UMC-4:
Analog / pulse output, digital display, Hart®, ATEX, FM, NEPSI


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II 1/2G Ex ia IIC T6-T2 Ga/Gb
II 1/2G Ex ia IIC T5/T4 Ga/Gb

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Ex ia IIC T6 - T2 Ga/Gb

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FM Approval

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FM Approval

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Ex ia IIC T6~T2 Ga/Gb

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II (1)2G Ex d[ia Ga] IIC T4-T3 Gb

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IECExBVS11.0088X (UMC-4)

Ex d[ia Ga] IIC T4-T3 Gb

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The Kobold Mass Flow Meter type TME utilizes the Coriolis principle of operation to measure mass flow. Density and temperature are simultaneously monitored and volumetric flow is additionally calculated with these parameters. The TME Series is available with a direct mounted transmitter or in a remote mounted configuration. The TME Series can be used to meter nearly all liquid or gaseous media and was especially designed to operate in many standard applications.

It is applied in many different industrial branches. The TME Series is also used for precise dosing as well as in loading and unloading applications. Approvals for service in custody transfer (fiscal metering) applications are also available. The TME is easy to install due to a rugged housing (cast iron). A superior efficient heating is optionally available.


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