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nzj-fuellstand.png: Mini-Bypass Level Indicator NZJ

Mini-Bypass Level Indicator NZJ

Installation length: 100 ... 540 mm
pmax: 16 bar
tmax:  100°C
Viscosity: max. 50 mm²/s
Connection:  G ¼, ¼"  NPT (male) union nut
Material: stainless steel (1.4301/1.4404) / aluminium
Options/Feature: local indicator without auxiliary power, limit contacts


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Operating Instructions

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NZJ - Operating Instructions

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General Safety Instructions

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The NZJ type glass tube level indicator is applicable for the indication of liquid level in small standing or lying round containers used in pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The loads occurring at the installation are absorbed by the outer armature, thus the glass tube is protected against breaking. The outer armature also protects the glass tube against the mechanical impacts that may occur following the installation.

Installation length means the distance between the horizontal centre lines of the two threaded stubs, that is minimum 100 mm, and maximum 540 mm. The bottom, and top sealing of the glass tube is by two O-rings each, the material of which is to be chosen to be chemically compatible with the liquid measured. Standard sealing material is NBR, whereas FPM, EPDM or PTFE are available on request.

The level indicator may be furnished with capacitive level sensors which monitor the Min. / Max. level or any level along the scale. The scale can be printed on a foil and to be attached to the glass tube.

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