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nbk-04-atex-fuellstand.png: Over-Head Level Indicator  NBK-04 with ATEX

Over-Head Level Indicator NBK-04 with ATEX

Measuring length: max. 4 m
Connection: DIN-flange DN 50/65/80/100, ANSI-flange 2"/2½"/3"/4"
Material: stainless steel 1.4571 (316 TI)
pmax: PN16
tmax: 120°C
Accuracy transducer: ±10 mm
Options: transmitter 4 - 20 mA, contacts
Certificates: ATEX


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Operating Instructions

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NBK-04 ATEX - Operating instructions

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NBK-R - Operating Instructions

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NMT/NBK-T - Operating Instructions

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MM - Operating Instructions

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General Safety Instructions

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II 1/2G Ex h IIC T4..T1 Ga/Gb -20°C < Ta < +80°C
II 1/3G Ex h IIC T4..T1 Ga/Gc -20°C < Ta < +80°C
II 1G/2D Ex h IIC/IIIC T4..T1/T130°C...445°C Ga/Db -20°C < Ta < +80°C
II 1G/3D Ex h IIC/IIIC T4..T1/T130°C...445°C Ga/Dc -20°C < Ta < +80°C

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LOM14ATEX2075X (Reed Chain)

II 1/2G Ex d IIC T1..T6 Ga/Gb

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LOM06ATEX2054X (Reed Chain)

II 1GD Ex ia IIC T6 Ga

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Kobold over-head level indicators are used for continuous measurement, display and monitoring of liquid levels. The float inside the tank is attached by means of a connecting rod to the magnet carrier in the over-head tube. The magnet fitted in the magnet carrier operates, in a non-contacting manner, the display and monitoring devices fitted outside tube.

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