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hnd-t115-215-temperaturt.png: Precision Hand-Held Thermometer HND-T215

Precision Hand-Held Thermometer HND-T215

Measuring range: -220 ... +1370°C, -50 ... +1750°C
Probe: thermocouples
Accuracy: ±0.03 % of reading
Supply: 9 V battery
HoldFunction, Min/Max-memory, °C / °F
data logger, RS 232


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The KOBOLD hand-held temperature measuring units HND-T115 or HND-T215 are thermometers for thermocouple element probes of the J, K, N, S, and T types that can be used universally. In conjunction with an appropriate temperature probe, they form a fast reacting, highly precise, and compact measuring system, which allows for precise measurement results over the entire measuring range.

Depending upon the measurement task, probes can be selected with varying designs and with differing technical data. In addition to standard temperature display, these hand-held temperature measuring units offer minimum/maximum value memory, a hold function, automatic self-shut-off, entry of a correction value for surface measurement, and zero point offset entry. As an additional highlight, these housings have a differential measurement and a tare/differential function when two measuring probes are connected.

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