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daf-1-durchfluss.png: Rotating Vane Flow Indicator DAF-1

Rotating Vane Flow Indicator DAF-1

For liquids

Threaded connection
Indicating range:
0.03 - 0.1 ... 5 - 150 l/min water
Connection: G ⅛ ... 1½, ... 1½" NPT
Material: brass, stainless steel, polyamide PA 6-3-T, polysulfone
pmax: 16 bar
tmax: 110°C


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Application and Operating Principle

The KOBOLD Rotating Vane Flow Indicator is applied where visual flow indication without flow measurement is required. A square housing with transparent windows front and back, contains a rotating vane whose rotary motion, caused by the flowing medium, indicates presence of “flow”.
Within the same housing dimensions, differing minimum and maximum flow ranges are obtained by changing the inlet port orifice. The instruments can be installed in any position. Flow, however, must be in the direction indicated by the arrow.
They are pivot-mounted, which enables the sight glass of the indicating unit to be turned to an optimum viewing  direction even during operation (not with material combination  DAF-14...).

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