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lnk-lebensmittel.png: Conductive Level Switch LNK

Conductive Level Switch LNK

For conductive liquids (>10 µS)

Electrodes: 1 - 4 pieces, length: 4 - 2000 mm
Connection: G ½, G 1, hygenic mounting system ),
hygenic DIN 11851, Tri-Clamp®, weld on sleeve
Material: stainless steel 1.4404, Option: E-CTFE coating
pmax: 10 bar
tmax: 100°C (CIP 150°C)
Option: head mounted transmitter for 1 contact


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Operating Instructions

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LNK - Operating Instructions

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General Safety Instructions

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The conductive KOBOLD level probes LNK together with the transducer for head mounting or the external evaluating electronic are used for level monitoring. This method is based on the evaluation of the electrical conductivity of the medium. In combination with the KOBOLD LZE or LZE-R weldin sleeves, the probe provides a measuring point that has no dead space and meets hygiene standards.
This level switch is therefore ideally suited for CIP/ SIP cleaning. The level switch is available with 1 or 2 - 4 electrodes, also available with E-CTFE coating. This allows foaming media to be detected reliably. The output signal from the probes with head mounted transmitter can be connected directly to a PLC for evaluation. This means lower installation costs, minimum wiring requirements and a high degree of noise immunity. The device is available with an optional M12 x 1 plug connector.

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