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man-p-druck.png: Diaphragm Pressure Gauges MAN-P

Diaphragm Pressure Gauges MAN-P

Measuring range:
-250 ... 0 ... 0 ... +250 mbar
-1 ... 0 ... 0 ... +40 bar
Connection: G ½ male thread, steel, stainless steel
Housing material: stainless steel
Housing: Ø 100, 160 mm
Accuracy class: 1.6
Option: contacts, glycerine filling


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Operating Instructions

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MAN - Operating Instructions

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KOBOLD diaphragm pressure gauges are preferably used for media where Bourdon tube pressure gauges or pneumatic capsule gauges are challenged. Diaphragm pressure gauges have a relatively high actuating force. The annular clamped diaphragm is insensitive to jarring or vibration. An extremely high resistance to overpressure is achieved by underpropping the diaphragm.
With highly viscous, crystallizing or strongly heterogeneous media, open process connections which ensure that the gauges are easy to clean, e. g. by flushing, are used. In processes with chemically aggressive media, diaphragm pressure gauges have a special material coating on the components in contact with the medium which protect them from corrosion.

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