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p3-sch-psb.png: Differential Pressure Switch for neutral gases SCH-PSB

Differential Pressure Switch for neutral gases SCH-PSB

Switching range: 20 ... 300 Pa ... 200  ... 1000 Pa
Connection: stub 6 mm
Housing: PA, membrane: PS
Temperature range: -20 ... +70°C (media)
Micro switch


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Adjustable differential pressure switch for monitoring overpressure, vacuum and differential pressure of air or other non-combustible, non-aggressive gases. Possible fields of application include:

  • Monitoring air filters and ventilators
  • Monitoring industrial cooling-air circuits
  • Overheating protection for fan heaters
  • Monitoring flows in ventilation ducts
  • Controlling air and fire-protection flaps
  • Frost protection for heat exchangers

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