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ngs-fuellstand.png: Dual Magnet Float Level Switch NGS

Dual Magnet Float Level Switch NGS

For liquids

Contact: 1 micro switch
Connection: square flange, G 2, 2" NPT
DIN-flange: DN80, DN100
Material: stainless steel 1.4571
pmax: 25 bar
tmax: 250°C
Liquid density: from 0.7 g/ml


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II 1/2 G Ex d e mb IIC T6...T2 Ga/Gb

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Method of Operation

As the level rises and falls the inclination of the float is changed causing a permanent magnet in the float to be deflected which in turn repels a rotatable opposing magnet. This forced snap-action-contact effect operates a microswitch with a plunger. Even very small changes in level can be detected in this way.

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