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reg-zubehoer.png: Flow Restrictors REG

Flow Restrictors REG

0.5 ... 40 l/min water (single element)
0.5 ... 560 l/min water (multiple element)
Connection: G ½, G ¾, G 1½, G 2, G 2¼, G 2½,  ¾" NPT
Material: brass, stainless steel
pmax: 200 bar
tmax: 300°C

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REG - water regulation made easy Mechanical flow restrictor from the house of Kobold

Mechanical flow restrictors REG from instrumentation specialists based in Hofheim am Taunus, impress with their simple and effective functionality.
Once installed, the REG limits the flow to a preset fixed value, regardless of pressure fluctuations. Due to the high quality stainless steel design, the REG is completely maintenance-free. With no auxiliary power and secure from manipulation, the REG is particularly suitable for consumer applications and uniform supply to multiple consumers.

In contrast to REG‘s stainless steel inserts, other manufacturers usually use a combination of rubber and metal discs, each with a round cavity in the middle. Water pressure compresses the elastic rubber disc, which changes the diameter of the cavity and thus regulates the flow; however, this only works as long as the rubber elasticity is intact!  Due to temperature, chemical influence and aging, the molecular structure of the rubber strongly changes over time and as a result, the elasticity is lost, causing hardening of the rubber and therefore the flow cannot be regulated or guaranteed. This condition becomes problematic and above all expensive if this characteristic is underestimated or not pointed out.

In contrast, our REG flow restrictors are designed for lifelong and maintenance-free use. Flow rate is kept constant with an accuracy of approximatly ±0.2 l / min, regardless of the fluctuating inlet pressure.
Constant flow is realised by a so-called control orifice consisting of stainless steel spring plates followed by a ring or disc thereafter. Depending on the differential pressure, the gap between stainless steel plate and ring varies. The flow rate is hence kept constant. Depending on the flow rate, spring plates and control orifices are used in different arrangements.
The maximum flow rate per controlling element is 40 l / min. There are also multiple elements in threaded and flanged version available. Maximum differential pressure is 10 bar. Materials: brass and  stainless steel, thread connection:
½ and ¾ male and female, available flow rates (Single element): 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 25, 30 and 40 l/min.

Example of a flow rate of 15 l / min in relation to a fixed orifice
REG simple and 6-fold element

REGs are ideal for those applications where a constant flow rate is needed despite pressure fluctuations in the system, e.g. by switching on and off of consumers. Fields of application for the Kobold flow restrictor REG:

Water supply
•   Even water distribution

Pump protection
•    For protection against overheating during zero flow, water hammer and cavitation.

            Remote heating distribution
          • optimum flow rates in the heat exchanger circuit

            Industrial applications
          • Constant cooling of EdM machines and other machine tools
          • Cooling and lubrication of CNC tooling and cutting machines, as well as various machining centers
kuehlsystem-DE.jpg             • For cooling and maintaining the temperature of aluminum diecasting molds in car engine production
            or packaging machines for the food and pharmaceutical industries
          • Cooling circuit X-ray machines, laser machines, photovoltaic systems, wire welding machines, coating and
            vacuum systems, induction hardening machines
filtration-DE.jpg             • Water circuits for heating and cooling systems
          • Use in printing machines for spray dampening. The REG limits the hot water consumption of the printing
            press in front of the spraying unit.
befeuchtung-DE.jpg             • For protection against manual incorrect settings of the flow in machines and plants
          • In areas with pressure fluctuations, REG ensure required water supply to machinery and equipment
          • dust suppression via constant flow through sprinkler
dosierung-DE.jpg               Dosing applications
          • For optimum mixing of liquids
          • Accurate chemical mixing
viehhaltung-DE.jpg               Water supply / agriculture / irrigation
          • desired water distribution to all stables during livestock farming
          • optimum flow rates at all delivery points
          • Irrigation control and irrigation systems

            Fire brigade and fire protection  applications
          • Flow rate limitation and even distribution to all strands
          • Accurate foaming agent dosing

            Emergency shower systems in industry
          • Flow restrictors provide the required amount of water on all emergency showers

augendusch-DE.jpg               Eyewash
          • Flow rate limiters prevent excessive amounts of water

            Water treatment
          • backwash flow control avoids fluid loss
          • UV sterilisation: controlled flow rate for bacterial destruction


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