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dwd-durchfluss.png: Baffle Plate Flow Transmitter DWD

Baffle Plate Flow Transmitter DWD

For liquids · pendulum system

Measuring range: 1 - 10 l/min ... 360 - 3600 m³/h water
Connection: G ... G 2, ... 2" NPT,
flange DN10 ... DN50, weld on flange, up to DN500
Material: brass, stanless steel, PVC
pmax: PN25
tmax: 120°C
Accuracy: ±1.5 % of full scale


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The new KOBOLD measuring instrument type DWD is a flow rate transmitter with digital indication of the actual flow rate, analogue output and two adjustable all-or-nothing relays indicating the switching point for monitoring limit values. An RS232C serial interface is available as an option. The combination of the proven displacement-deflection measuring technique with the new patented pendulum system and electronic analyser with programmable EEPROM produces a reliable and economical flow transmitter.
Due to its modern technology and features this device is also ideally suited for applications where much more expensive methods of measurement have been used up until now. The flow transmitter type DWD uses the reliable displacement-deflection technique together with new patented technology. The flowing medium presses against a baffle plate that is fastened to a pendulum – thus causing the displacement.
The pendulum that is retained by a progressive spring system changes its position without friction and depending on the flow. The position of a magnet attached to the pendulum is sensed by a Hall-effect sensor fixed outside the medium. This signal is processed and evaluated by microchip-based electronics with EEPROM memory. The devices are calibrated and supplied according to your specifications.
Costly adjustments and programming are not required. The DWD is ready for immediate operation. The devices can be re-programmed if necessary. The casing can also be adapted easily for the desired mounting position. Numerous connections and materials allow a wide range of applications. Large line cross-sections can also be measured reliably and economically.

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