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pit-durchfluss.png: Magnetic-Inductive-Insertion PIT

Magnetic-Inductive-Insertion PIT

For conductivity liquids

Measuring range:

1 - 10 m/s (0.5 - 5 m/s stainless steel-version)
Weldable connection sleeves for DN150 ... 2000
Material: stainless steel (1.4571,1.4404)
PTFE or PFA tube lining up to DN600
pmax: 16 bar, 40 bar (PTFE, PFA-lining)
tmax: -40 ... +150°C
Accuracy: ±1.5 % of reading ±0.5 % of full scale
Transmitter: relays, analogue/pulse output, digital display,
Hart®, Profibus® PA, ATEX, NEPSI


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II 2G Ex e[ia Ga] IIC T6-T3 Gb

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Ex e ia IIC T3~T6 Ga/Gb

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An electrically conductive medium induces a voltage while flowing through an arranged magnetic field in accordance to the Faraday's induction law. The electrode currency is proportional to the flow velocity and therewith to the volume flow.
The PIT-Sensor is available with integral or remote mount transmitter. A retracting device for mounting and dismounting under process conditions is available. The magnetic-inductive PIT flow velocity sensor is used to measure or monitor the volume flow of liquids, slurries, pastes and other electrically conductive media while minimizing pressure drop. Pressure, temperature, density and viscosity do not affect the volume measurements. Portions of solid particles and small gas pockets should be avoided.

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