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dwn-durchfluss.png: Paddle Bellows Flow Monitor DWN

Paddle Bellows Flow Monitor DWN

For liquids · for fouled media

Switching range: 1 - 25 l/min ... 300 - 3600 m³/h water
Connection: G ... G 2, ... 2" NPT, flange DN10 ... DN50,
ANSI ⅜ ... 2", weld-on flange DN40 ... DN500
Material: brass, stainless steel, PVC
pmax: PN16
tmax: 100°C
Accuracy: ±3 ... ±5 % of full scale


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The new KOBOLD flow monitor DWN works according to the diaphragm plate principle. Baffle/paddle is deflected in the flow direction against the force of the spring by the flowing medium. A stainless steel bellows seals off the system hermetically between medium and measuring unit/indicator. The motion is transferred positively from the baffle to the measuring section.

In the measuring section a microswitch and a pilot lamp are operated as soon as the set switching point is exceeded or undershot. Thus the change in flow is clearly signalled locally by the switching point pilot lamp (illuminates for undershooting). At the same time switching operations are triggered by the microswitch, designed as a 3-pole changeover contact.

The displacement-deflection technique is one of the most secure systems available as motion is transferred positively from the baffle plate to the measuring section. With these flow monitors if the T piece becomes clogged up with lime, foreign objects or dirt, the system responds with "no flow". It is practically impossible for the system to hang up in a position that indicates flow when there is in fact no flow.

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