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kff-kfg-1-durchfluss.png: Rotating Vane-Low Volume KFF-1, KFG-1

Rotating Vane-Low Volume KFF-1, KFG-1

For liquids and gases

Measuring range:

15 - 100 ml/min ... 1 - 10 l/min water
25 - 100 ml/min ... 100 - 500 l/min air
Connection: G ⅛  ... G ½
Material: brass, Ryton®, PTFE
pmax: 35 bar
tmax: 50°C
Accuracy: ±3 % of full scale
Viscosity range: low viscosity
Pulse output, 0 - 5 VDC


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Areas of Application

KOBOLD KFF/KFG flowmeters are used for measuring low and smaller, volumetric flow rates of gases (KFG) and liquids (KFF). The media must be transmissive for infrared light.
Series KFF/KFG 1000 flowmeters are available in Ryton®, brass and PTFE materials; therefore suitable for many applications in industry, in laboratories, and so forth. The new PTFE sensor of the 1000 series is delivered as standard with (0 ... 5 VDC) analogue output and frequency output. The frequency output is optional on other models.
Series KFF/KFG 3000 flowmeters are available in Ryton® and in brass.

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