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kep-durchfluss.png: Thermal Mass Flow Meter KEP

Thermal Mass Flow Meter KEP

for Gases

Measuring ranges:
0.1 - 50 Nm/s ... 0.1 - 224 Nm/s
Accuracy: ±1.5 % of reading ± 0.3 % of full scale
     Option: ±1.0 % of reading ± 0.3 % of full scale
pmax: 50 bar
tmax: 110 °C
R ¼ ... R 2 male; ¼" ... 2" NPT male
Flange DN15 ... 80 PN40 
Flange ½" ... 3" Cl. 150 and Cl. 300 
Output: analogue output, Modbus RTU, impulse output

Fast response time, no moving parts


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Operating Instructions

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KEP-1 - Operating Instructions

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KEP-2 - Operating Instructions

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KEP-1 bi-directional - Operating Instructions

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KEP-2 bi-directional - Operating Instructions

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Modbus Installation KEP-x - Operating Instructions

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General Safety Instructions

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The new flow sensors KEP work according to the calorimetric measuring principle. Therefore an additional temperature and pressure compensation is not necessary.
Contrary to the previously used bridge circuit, the newly developed evaluation electronics records all measured values digitally. This allows very precise and fast measurements with a wide temperature range of up to 110 °C. The measuring span is 1...1000 and therefore enables measurements in very low as well as very high flow speeds of up to 224 m/s.
KEP has an integrated Modbus output as a standard with which all parameters like Nm³/h, Nm³, Nm/s, Nl/min, Nl/s, kg/h, kg/min, ft/min, °C etc. can be transferred. All parameters can be adjusted directly at the instrument (via display) or via Service Software. Of course there is also 1 x 4...20 mA analogue output available for flow and a galvanically isolated pulse output for the total consumption.
A remote diagnosis can be carried out via Modbus and all relevant parameters can be checked and changed if necessary. So it is possible to change e. g. the gas type, the inner diameter, the scaling and so on or the zero point resp. the leak flow volume suppression in case of changed process conditions.
Via remote diagnosis and status update e. g. temperature exceedings, failures of the sensor or the calibration date can be determined.

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