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vkp-durchfluss.png: Viscosity Compensated Flowmeter / switch - Plastic VKP

Viscosity Compensated Flowmeter / switch - Plastic VKP

Measuring / switching range:
2 - 20 ... 20 - 100 l/min water
1 - 18 ... 10 - 75  l/min oil
Connection: G 1, 1" NPT male thread, solded pipe, connection parts G ½, G ¾
Material: polysulfone, stainless steel 1.4310
pmax: 16 bar
tmax: 120°C
Accuracy: ±5 % of full scale
Option: reed contact


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The KOBOLD plastic flowmeters model VKP operate on a special suspended float principle with cylindrical measuring tube and spring-loaded float with orifice. The float in model VKP-3... has slots moulded on the outside, which protect the instrument from soiling by depositing dirt particles. The danger of the float jamming is thus considerably reduced and soiled liquids with a particle size up to 400 μm can be measured without difficulty. In model VKP-2... a sharp-edged orifice in the float renders the instrument less sensitive to changes in viscosity.

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