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vkg-durchfluss.png: Viscosity Compensated Flowmeter / switch VKG

Viscosity Compensated Flowmeter / switch VKG

For viscous liquids

Measuring / switching range:
0.1 - 0.45 ... 5 - 80 l/min
Connection: G ¼ ... 1 female thread, ¼ ... 1" NPT female thread
Material: brass, stainless steel
pmax: 12 bar
tmax: 100°C
Accuracy: ±4 % of full scale
Options: reed contact, pointer indicator, analogue output


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The KOBOLD fl ow meters and switches model VKG have a spring-loaded fl oat, which slides within a cylindrical measuring tube and has an integral orifi ce which is believed to be unique. This  and other design features means that it has for the first time become possible to create a fl ow meter and switch which fully compensates for viscosity and to a large extent for density even with very low fl ows.
The fl oat of these patented devices contain permanent magnets which actuate a potential free bistable reed contact mounted outside the fl ow thus ensuring hermetic separation between the medium and the electrical contact system. The contact is embedded within a height-adjustable plastic housing to prevent damage to the contacts by mechanical action or aggressive atmospheres.

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