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hpc-durchfluss.png: Coriolis Mass-Flowmeter HPC

Coriolis Mass-Flowmeter HPC

Voor LOW FLOW toepassingen

Meetbereik: 0 - 20 kg/h ... 0 - 160 kg/h
½" NPT binnendraad, G½ buitendraad, Gyrolok®/Swagelok® 6/8/10/12 mm
Meetbuizen: WN.1.4571
Behuizing: WN. 1.4404
Buiten behuizing (non wetted part) aluminium of rvs 
pmax: PN400
Temperatuurbereik: -40 ... +180°C
±0.1 % MW ± nulpuntstabiliteit vloeistof
±0.5 % MW ± nulpuntstabiliteit gas
±0.005 g/cm³ dichtheid
ATEX, IECEx approval
analoog (HART®), binair, puls, status uitgang
trilbestendig, zeer robuust, diverse behuizingen en procesaansluitingen


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The coriolis mass flowmeter HPC works according to the coriolis principle. Mass flow, density and temperature are being measured simultaneously. The volume flow can be calculated from these measurements. HPC mass flow sensors are only available with remote transmitter.

For the measurement of very small flow rates it is common practice to use single pipe coriolis flowmeters. However, with the use of just one measuring pipe the influence of external interferences increases dramatically, often necessitating a costly decoupling. The HPC uses a dual bent pipe measuring system. Furthermore, the sensor coils are not mounted on the measuring pipes anymore but between the pipes. This provides the sensor with a significantly noise-reduced and predictable dynamic behavior, capable of working at higher frequencies, thus further decoupling the sensor measurement from external vibrations.
With these characteristics the HPC coriolis sensor is therefore not only extremely accurate, but also particularly resistant against external interferences. The sensor is therefore very suited for very low flow measurements for all applications for nearly all liquids.

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