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mik-durchfluss.png: Magnetic Inductive Flow Meter / Monitor with IO Link MIK

Magnetic Inductive Flow Meter / Monitor with IO Link MIK

For conductive liquids

Measuring range:
0.01 - 0.5 ... 35 - 700 l/min liquid
Connection: G ½ ... G 2 ¾ male thread
Material: PPS/stainless steel, PVDF/Hastelloy®, tantalum
pmax: 10 bar
tmax: 80°C
Accuracy: ±2 % of full scale
Switchpoint, frequency or analogue output,
LED-Indication with 2 open collectors or 4 - 20 mA/1 open collector, counter, batcher

MIK-…C3T0 Compact electronics

MIK-…C3T0 Compact electronics

MIK-…C3T0 - Display rotatable in 90° steps

MIK-…C3T0 - Display rotatable in 90° steps

MIK-…F3 Frequency output

MIK-…F3 Frequency output

MIK-…L4 + AUF Analogue output

MIK-…L4 + AUF Analogue output


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Operating Instructions

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MIK - Operating Instructions

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U-PACE Electronics (Options CT/C3T/C3T0) - Operating Instructions

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General Safety Instructions

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Press release

Precise, Cost-effective, Innovative: Kobold's Magnetic-Inductive Flow Meter MIK with Effective Compact Electronics and IO-Link

Kobold expands measurement capabilities for neutral and aggressive media in small and large process manufacturing plants.
"The global market for magnetic-inductive flow meters is stable with sales of over five million devices.  With this statistic in mind, Kobold have combined two of their proven components, the successful type MIK magnetic-inductive flow meter and the popular `U-PACE‘ compact electronics,  creating an exciting new compact flow instrument at the best price for our customers“, says Diploma Engineer and Development Manager at KOBOLD Messring GmbH, Manfred Heil. "Our market analyses have shown a significant demand for this."

How it works...
Functionality according to the magnetic-inductive measurement principle 
According to Faraday's law of induction, a voltage is induced in a conductor moving in a magnetic field. The electrically conductive measuring medium corresponds here to the moving conductor. The voltage induced by the fluid is proportional to the flow rate and thus a measure of the volumetric flow. The induced voltage is fed to the electronics via two electrodes. The volume flow rate is calculated and output based on the known inner diameter.

Combining established capabilities with successful compact electronics U-PACE 

Where previously separate electronic modules were necessary for flow display and dosing, all these and more tasks are now taken over by the new compact electronics U-PACE. This new development, a chemically resistant flow meter and flow monitor in one device, caters to a broad range of applications. The MIK is suitable for almost all applications such as flow control, flow measurement, filling, and quantity recording in the food, chemical, and paper industries, as well as for the aggressive fluids in the construction industry. The measuring ranges are generously designed from 0.01 to 700 liters per minute and suitable for all requirements.
The advantages of the proven MIK series are evident: reliable flow measurement of electrically conductive liquids without moving parts. Hence, wear and mechanical failure are excluded. The maintenance-free device is space-saving, measures bidirectionally, and accommodates both low and high flow rates. Short inlet and outlet sections allow the MIK to be installed even in confined spaces.
The MIK is insensitive to variations in viscosity, density, temperature, or pressure and generates only minimal pressure drop. Due to various material combinations, the instruments are resistant to corrosive acids and alkalis. The MIK is suitable for water and water-like fluids, specifically for ground, cooling, and wastewater in various compositions. Special attention is given to the electrodes, which by technical necessity have direct contact with the fluid. Stainless steel electrodes are suitable for most fluids. For exceptional challenges, there are electrodes made of Hastelloy® or Tantalum, which are resistant to almost all aggressive substances.

The MIK can be connected to existing automation systems via IO-Link 

"IO-Link is a standardized and real-time communication standard for connecting sensors and actuators to an intelligent automation system," explains Mr. Heil further. "Our motivation has always been customer-driven needs. That's why we integrate the proven IO-Link technology into more and more measuring devices. The global trend is reflected in our day-to-day business. Last year, we sold our ten-thousandth measuring device with IO-Link."

Successful compact electronics U-PACE 
Thanks to the established compact electronics U-PACE, the new MIK features two individually configurable outputs that are intuitively operable and can be set by the customer, for example, as pulse, frequency, alarm, or analogue outputs.
"U-PACE is the logical evolution of existing electronic concepts: integrating a variety of different measuring devices under a uniform, intuitively operable electronics system to leverage synergies. The acronym Universal Precision and Control Electronics reflects the desires and expectations of today's market, ultimately what the customer wants and can expect from us," Mr. Heil continues discussing his intriguing work. "Engineers and technicians on-site neither have the inclination nor the time to read loads of manuals for each new product. So, the premise in our development was: electronics for everything, easily operable."
This enables devices to be easily integrated into different processes and provide real added value with their short response times. The colour multi-display can be digitally rotated in 90° increments so that a different model is not needed when changing locations, and the display remains independent of the position of the connections. The desired dosing process can be started and stopped both on-site at the display and via an external control input. The desired quantity is set using the buttons.

The foundation for every measurement project 
The flexibility of the device family is evident in user guidance and functionality. All settings can be conveniently adjusted via four optical keys on the display on-site. Functions such as temperature measurement, partial quantity display, or maximum flow rate can be assigned to these hotkeys so that navigation through multiple control levels in the menu is not constantly required. This can also be safely done with most gloves. The multi-line display provides a better overview than comparable devices and displays the corresponding unit or other additional information alongside the measured value. This clarity is further enhanced by the display's multicolor capability: for instance, the colour changes when a specific flow volume is reached. Thus, the user can see from a distance when a certain quantity is dosed or a limit has been exceeded.
"Customers can look forward to the next product innovation we will bring to the market," Mr. Heil continues, while also highlighting the integrated temperature measurement and the high measuring range span of up to 50:1 of the MIK. "The challenge is to integrate pinpoint knowledge from the fields of measurement and process engineering at the right time and manufacture the new devices in line with market requirements."


The new KOBOLD flow meter Type MIK is used for measuring and monitoring smaller and medium-sized flow of conductivity liquids in pipes.
The device operates according to the electromagnetic measurement principle. According to Faraday’s Law of magnetic induction a voltage is induced in a conductor moving through a magnetic field. The electrically conductive measuring agent acts as the moved conductor. The voltage induced in the measuring agent is proportional to the flow velocity and is therefore a value for the volumetric flow. The flowing media
must have a minimum conductivity. The induced voltage is picked up by two sensing electrodes which are in contact with the measuring agent and sent to the measuring amplifier. The flow rate will be calculated based on the cross-sectional area of the pipe.
The measurement is not depending on the process liquid and its material properties such as density, viscosity and temperature. The devices can be equipped with a switching output, a frequency output or an analogue output. In addition, a universal compact electronics type C3T0 is available and features two outputs arbitrarily configurable by the customer.
The compact electronics offers various diagnostic functions and the following features:

  • Flow and temperature measurement
  • Monitoring, dosing, and transmitter function
  • Dosing function with external control input
  • Coloured, multi-parameter configurable TFT-display, rotatable in 90° steps
  • Bidirectional measuring
  • Intuitive setup menu via 4 optical touch keys
  • 2 configurable outputs (pulse-/frequency-/alarm- and analogue output)
  • Grand and resettable totaliser
  • IO link function

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