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ome-durchfluss.png: Screw Spindle-Meter OME

Screw Spindle-Meter OME

Measuring range:
0.1 - 10 l/min ... 3.5 - 350 l/min oil
1 - 5000 mm²/s viscosity
Accuracy: ±0.1 % of reading
Connection: G ½ ... G 1½ female thread, flange DN15 ... 40
pmax: 40 bar
tmax 125°C
Output: 1x pulse
Power supply: 10 - 30 VDC
Material: aluminum, steel nitrided
Option: double pulse generator (direction sensing), counter, dosing, analogue output, relays, digital indicator
Temperature compensation, low-noise, pulsation-free principle of measurement

Screw Spindle-Dosing Electronics OME with ADI-1

Screw Spindle-Dosing Electronics OME with ADI-1

Screw Spindle-Counter OME with ZED

Screw Spindle-Counter OME with ZED


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The Kobold screw-type volumetric flowmeter has proven itself in many applications over a long period of time; it has now been extended with an economical alternative - the OME type series - for the economical measurement or batching of viscous media.
These measuring sensors have been designed for viscous, non-abrasive media of 1 - 5000 mm2/s; they have been introduced as a response to today’s innovative metrology and its demands for greater accuracy and reliability.
The screw-type volumetric meter works with the principle of positive displacement. Two cycloidal spindles, whose rotation is sensed by one or two sensors, are at the heart of the flowmeter. A new technique has been patented to sense the spindles directly, thus providing a compact and economical volumetric meter. The axial flow of the forced measured medium causes the pair of spindles to rotate in a uniform, non-pulsating manner.
The spindles have been manufactured with extreme
precision. They are supported at their ends by ball bearings. The pair of spindles form volumetrically defined measuring chambers, which are a measure of the delivered volumetric flow. These unit volumes are evaluated by downstream electronics.
A double pulse generator can be used for direction sensing and doubling the pulses of pulse generator.

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